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Fan (Sonic Comic Cover) by DeverexDrawer Fan (Sonic Comic Cover) by DeverexDrawer
Sorry. The cover has almost completely disintegrate on one side. This was a fan made comic I was making. Originally, Amy was going to be the 12 year old version.

The comic was basically plagiarized with some minor tweaks. Eventually, like comic 100 would be about the time when the series breaks apart from the real series (complete new stories, "unrecognizable"). Of course I would not want to be rewriting the series. I gave up straight away.

The original freedom fighters, excluding Amy.

The intro page:…

Sonic X comic #1 (real) drawing:…

Entry 5th of February, 2014

You'll notice Amy has rubbed outlines all over her chest.

What happened was, I had a small idea about what Rosy the Rascal looked like (Amy's younger self before she used a ring/ chaos emerald to age 6 years to her 12 year old state and run after Sonic as she used to)

Therefor I drew her in her current appearance, Amy.
Then I found out that she has no breasts, she is too young.
Well, I don;t want to erase them, because it took me 20 attempts to get it right. I think I will. I'll put them back, they don't look right. Get rid of them back, OK let's just leave them off because she looks like that, you've ruined it etc.)

Story(read this rapidly, it sounds funnier. Oh, don't forget to add emotion, slow down in particular sections) etc.):
On, wrong. On, wrong. On, wrong. Gees, these erased lines are horrible (better make sure to get it right). On, wrong(GET IT RIGHT). On, wrong(GET IT RIGHT). On, wrong(GET IT RIGHT). On, wrong(GET IT RI...OH WHATEVER). On, wrong. These looked better. Now you've screwed them up. On wrong. Now mum has added nipples. Erase. Th erased lines are worse (This is RIDICULOUS). This design, perfect. WHAT DO YO MEAN I WENT THROUGH THAT AND THIS VERSION DIDN'T HAVE THEM. HUH!! Erase. Now it doesn't work. On. Maybe I should leave them. Off. But that is the character I made her as. On. But you need to make sure she looks like how she started off in the franchise. OFF! Now the erased lines look WORSE!!!!!!

Purely for your amusement.

This was ages ago and yet I still remember it. It is actually quite awkward when you think of it.
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