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If you are talking about what I think you are talking about: essentially, a "bucket list"

We are always in the present even as the future comes. But when do we plan for later, is it not now? We are prepared, however, we take it as it comes.

Everything in it's due time. Just do what is most appealing, feasible, the better victory.

You have to be true to yourself, narrow your focus, prune things (either the list or the extent of completion), and realise that you can only do some things.

... I can't remember what else I have called it or said about it but, there is "I want to hug every cat syndrome"…
I remember, the skills that you don't have are not a weakness, it is about what you have on hand, that is your strength. Invert it, it's the wrong perspective. You could have quite a number of skills but you can focus on one. What would you like to be the best in?

Don't  be swayed on be steadfast, yet learn to put something down until later, or to scrap it.

Sometimes you revisit it later and either remix, restore, or redo (usually reimagine rather than correction) it. By that point you will have more/new wisdom, understanding, knowledge.

Sometimes we we simply have to wait. Things happen in due time and we can only do what we can now. This has quite a fw meanings, but what I am focusing on is a project for example. You have to wait until you have learned, have the skills, practiced, etc. until you reach the point where you are able to complete it.

You can do one thing in a block or a few in pieces. Patterns of most and least (the least you can do during breaks and/or 'running in the background' depending on what it is). Patterns of quickest and slowest.

Seasons. Looking back there are periods/ collections of things I became intersted in. It would be like looking at what you did in grade 8 to grade 12 and when you are 25.


There  is also gap syndrome where you spend a long time piecing something together, sleuthing, deciphering etc. until you find out what happened in the missing space/missing knowledge. You end up overfocusing on it, 'wearing blinders', when in reality it either was not important, an infatuation, or you could bipass it (for example if you couldn't remember a word, use a phrase or the best fitting word).
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June 11